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“We initially discovered Aerial through word of mouth when we were looking to change our phone/telecoms provider, as our current provider were not giving us best value or meeting our expectations in service.We found that Aerial’s values as a business aligned with ours and the level of support they were offering us was a cut above the rest. Aerial now supply all areas of our IT and telecoms and have provided us with their services for 10 years, it is beneficial to have everything under one roof. The team at Aerial Direct have built a great relationship with everyone at Francis and go above and beyond to understand the needs and expectations of individuals. Aerial stay ahead of the game and keep us in the loop with any improvements we can put into place to make our systems more efficient or user friendly. If problems do arise our account manager is made aware and processes are put in place promptly to avoid reoccurrence. ” Sarah Reddecliffe Office Manager    

The solution we offer Francis Construction includes:

  • SIP line;
  • Lease line;
  • O2 mobile;
  • Computers maintenance and support;
  • Server maintenance and support;
  • IT hardware;
  • Office 365;
  • Email Management Anti-Virus.
“Prior to our installation in 2013, we used to run a Nortel system using MDNX on a hosted service, although the phone system was a bit up and down the service that was provided by MDNX was awful. Service support for our system is critical and we make regular changes almost on a daily basis. We decided to make a change and researched the market and found Aerial. After the demonstration and recommendation from 2 very reliable solution providers, we decided to purchase a HA Pair and Yealink T41P Telephones for general users and T46G with EXP40 Key Extension modules for reception for our sites. This totally paid off and made a real difference to our business. Unlike most of the hosted solutions, this system came with about 1000 LEN’s built into the system. We currently have over 200 Extensions across 7 sites and do not pay for per phone connection. We no longer pay per line and the system in purchased outright. The solution we went with was to use Connect but have the freedom of being able to change ISP’s as and when on our terms without the need for porting numbers which as you may or may not know can be painful. We use Juniper routers on each site to create a VPN Mesh that has a small change should we wish to move rather than an MPLS Network. We also chose an Oak Server solution that was supplied by Aerial that gives us very useful automated reporting which you may or may not find useful.  Some other features that work well for us include, Sim Ring, Call Recording, 3 way calling as standard and email voicemail service. More importantly the ability to manage our telephone system ourselves has been fantastic! The system is a pleasure to use and very easy. There are only 2 people including myself that look after a large IT Network & Telephones for 300 staff so it’s vital that the system meet our business needs.  I have no concerns with Aerial, I rarely had to contact them in the past 5 years, normally when I do its relating to a third-party SIP provider or Mobile network provider and not the telephone system. When I do contact them my calls are handled efficiently and resolved in a timely fashion.  The installation and training went very smoothly. Overall Verdict: I think the Connect is fantastic with so many features.“Ray Bunce Group I.T. Manager

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