Why do you need Connect?

Connect is a reliable and cost-effective business VoIP system that will help you work faster and smarter. With Connect you get Unlimited UK Landline & Mobile Calls and a flexible office phone system with lots of additional features.

Mobile Business Calls

Why switch?

Connect is easy to setup and can save your business money. Its additional features give you greater flexibility, productivity and collaboration across the business.

Cloud Hosted Telephone System

Why now?

It is important that your business is flexible and can adapt quickly to industry demands. Connect enables your business to work smarter and faster, wherever you are, with its mature, scalable technology.

Why Connect?

Connect has been designed to improve collaboration, productivity, and efficiency within businesses. With Connect, your calls are high-quality, secure and reliable, keeping you seamlessly connected.


Wherever your business goes...
Connect follows

Connect is a Unified Communication telecoms system that provides you with a wide range of features such as making calls, conference-calls, call control, instant messaging, video conferencing with integrated voicemail and much more.
Integrated with Connect is the Keevio app. Keevio enables you to make calls online from any device, either a laptop, desktop or mobile - it also allows you to seamlessly switch between devices.

Get Unlimited Calls from £19.99*

Our Curiosity package allows you to be connected wherever your business takes you. Designed for busy business professionals.

£19.99 / month
  • Handset
  • DDI
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call queuing
  • Unlimited Local & National Calls*
  • Unlimited UK Mobile Calls*

Aimed at businesses who demand greater connectivity for their workforce. Designed to maximise your business’s productivity.

£29.99 / month
  • Handset
  • DDI
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call queuing
  • Unlimited Local & National Calls
  • Unlimited UK Mobile Calls
  • Call Reporting
  • Conference Call
  • Online Portal
  • Call Divert

Our ultimate package adds Call Recording for those businesses that require to ensure compliance, improve customer experience and business performance.

£33.99 / month
  • Handset
  • DDI
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call queuing
  • Unlimited Local & National Calls
  • Unlimited UK Mobile Calls
  • Call Reporting
  • Conference Call
  • Online Portal
  • Call Divert
  • Call Recording

All licenses need to have an FTTC line. You can upgrade to a wireless handset for an extra £1/month.

Designed for today’s dynamic businesses

Features tailored for you

Aerial Direct provides Business Voicemail


Create your own personal message to greet callers and set up email notifications that deliver the message.

Unlimited National Business VoIP Calls

Unlimited Local &National Calls

Connect provides you with Unlimited UK landlines Calls at no extra cost.

Business Mobile Calls with Aerial Direct

Unlimited UKMobile Calls

Business isn’t just 9 to 5, so all our Connect packages include unlimited calls to UK mobiles that you can use anytime.

Premium Router

Our business-grade Draytek routers are designed to keep you seamlessly connected, because we know how important the internet is to businesses.

Unified Communication

Web App

Our web app, Keevio, makes working from anywhere, on any device, simple. You can manage calls and monitor the functionality at your convenience.

Business Telephone Backup

System Back-up

We backup your data files so that you can be assured that nothing is truly lost. Our Systems Back-up features is the safety net designed for your business.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan will be pre-programmed so if on the rare occasion your broadband goes down, all your calls will instantly be diverted to mobile or landline numbers of your choice.

VoIP Business Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to e-mail

Voicemail to e-mail allows you to receive those important messages on the go. The voicemail is left on your phone and that message is then sent to you via e-mail in a small downloadable file.

Business Conference Calling through a VoIP System

Conference Call

Take the complexity out of the conference calling, host seamless conference calls with ease so your employees can collaborate productively and work flexibly from anywhere.

Call Reporting

Gain insights into the productivity and efficiency of your business with Connect’s reporting features.

Aerial Direct - Business Mobile Calls


Through Zoiper you can have a mobile app at your disposal that allows you to conduct your business wherever you are.

Unified Communication

...and muchmore

Including but not limited to: call queuing, call divert, call recording, call transfer, call park, group call pick-up, selective call rejection, automatic callback, busy lamp keys, do not disturb, company directory, call waiting, Home worker, Remote Office, Hot Desking or Marketing on Hold.


How can you save time & money on your phone system?

Get a local presence, make it simple for your customers to contact you, and increase your brand recognition and congruity with your phone numbers. Connect allows you to easily administer all your locations, users, includes diverse calling options, and integrates all devices seamlessly.

Yealink Handset

Switching to Connect is easy


Speak to our specialists to find the best package to suit your business needs.


Once you have discussed all the technical details needed we can start the switch.


You’ll be sent useful documents and we’ll inform you if an engineer is required.


Your order will be posted and all you will need to do is plug your equipment in!


Connecting businesses