Knowledge Base

Welcome to Connect.

Connect provides your business with enterprise-grade features that enable your employees to work productively from anywhere with an internet connection. Connect is available in three different packages which have been designed to suit specific business requirements. Depending on which package you selected, you may find some features are unavailable. If you would like to upgrade your package, please contact us free on 0808 169 5699.

With Connect, you can answer and make calls from your mobile or office number, even if you’re sat in a coffee shop, at home or on the train. Your employees can collaborate across multiple locations with instant message, video calls and screen sharing.

Connect’s knowledge base will help you set up your equipment and find your way around your Connect portal. It’s important to us that you make the most of Connect, so please explore the knowledge base for guides and tutorials.

Quick start guide

Dialling numbers

Dial the number on your handset and press ‘ok’ or ‘send’.

Transferring calls

Open Transfer (transfer call by announcing caller to colleague)
1. Answer call
2. Press ‘Trans’ key
3. Dial extension or press ‘Speed Dial’
4. Press ‘ok’
5. Wait for colleague to answer
7. Press ‘Trans’ to send the call to colleague
8. Hang up

Blind Transfer (transfer call without announcing caller to colleague)
1. Answer call
2. Press ‘Trans’ key
3. Dial extension or press ‘Speed Dial’
4. Press ‘OK’
5. Press ‘Trans’

Pick up groups

Group pick up
Press *8 to pick up a call that is in your call group
Directed pick up
Press *8 directly followed by the extension number of the phone you’d like to pick up. For example, the call is ringing on extension 201, so you can pick up that call from your phone by dialling *8201.


Using your desk phone or extension number;

1. Dial 555 and press ‘ok’
2. Enter your password and press ‘#’ (the default password is 0000)
3. Listen to the options and follow the prompts

If you’re not using your desk phone or extension number;
1. Dial 556 and press ‘ok’
2. Enter the extension number you’d like to check and press ‘#’
3. Enter your password and press ‘#’
4. Listen to the options and follow the prompts

Recording voicemail greetings
1. Follow the above steps
2. Select option ‘0’ from the menu and follow the prompts

Call forwarding

To forward a call to another number or a mobile;
1. Press Menu
2. Select ‘Call Control’ (Option 1) and press ‘ok’
3. Select ‘Call Forward’ (Option 3) and press ‘ok’
4. Select ‘Always Forward’ (Option 1) and press ‘ok’
5. Press ‘Right Arrow’ to change to enabled
6. Press down to ‘Forward to:’ and type in the number you want to forward the call to, and select ‘Save’.
To toggle the forwards On/Off dial the following short codes; Menu, 1, 3, 1, < (left), ‘ok’.

Setting diverts

Connect will be set-up without any diverts in place, unless otherwise specified. To add diverts to Connect;
1. Login to the Connect portal as the divert user
2. From your Connect home screen, navigate to ‘setup’
3. In the ‘personal divert destination’, type in the number you would like to divert calls to
4. Select ‘all calls’ from the drop-down and click ‘apply’
These changes will take effect in about 30 seconds

Holding a conference call

You will have a dedicated internal (extension) and external (DDI) number for your conference bridge.

There are two ways you can use the Connect conference facilities;
A dynamic conference can be set up directly by an internal user who must be on the conference call for external users to be able to join. The room number and pin is set when the conference is created.
A permanent conference is always accessible and doesn’t require an internal user to be present for external users to join the conference. The conference number and pin are available to distribute before the conference.

Setting up a dynamic conference

1. Dial your internal conference number
2. You will then be prompted to dial your conference number followed by ‘#’
3. Now dial a number of your choice to create a ‘room number’ followed by ‘#’. Make a note of the number.
4. Set a password with a minimum of 4 digits followed by ‘#’
5. You will be prompted to say your name followed by ‘#’
6. You have now joined the ‘Dynamic’ conference

Setting up a permanent conference

1. Log on to the PABX as the user that wants to host the conference
2. Go to User > Setup
3. Choose and input a conference PIN
4. Press ‘Apply’

You or an external party can call the internal (extension) or external (DDI) conference number.
1. Enter the extension number as the conference number followed by ‘#’
2. Enter the PIN set above followed by ‘#’
3. You will be prompted to say your name followed by ‘#’
4. You have now joined the ‘Permanent’ conference

Conference admin options

Press the * key when more than one person is in the conference and select the relevant number from the list below;

1 – Mute yourself
2 – Lock or unlock the conference
3 – Eject last joined member
4 or 6 – Decrease/increase conference volume
5 – Extend conference
7 or 9 – Decrease/increase your volume

8 – More options;
1 – List users in conference
2 – Eject non-admins
3 – Mute all non-admins
4 – Record conference
8 – Exit and return to conference

Address book

On the home screen, press the ‘directory’ key and select ‘all contacts’.
You can navigate through your address book using the up and down keys or start typing the name you’re searching for. Once you have found the right contact, select the ‘send’ key to make a call.

Add contacts to your business address book

Login to your Connect admin portal and open the ‘Details’ window which you will find on your dashboard.
Add a new contact to each line by inputting their name and contact number.
The ‘Usage Address/Button’ column defines where each contact can be found. By selecting ‘Button’, the contact will be added to the shortcut keys on the users handset. ‘Usage address’ will only update your company address book with the new contact.

Setting up ZoiPer

ZioPer allows you to access Connect features via an app on your mobile or tablet.
You will need the premium version of ZoiPer. The app can be downloaded here:

Once you have downloaded and launched the ZoiPer app, please follow these steps;
1. Go to ‘settings’
2. Select ‘Accounts’. Click the ‘+’ in the top right corner
3. Select ‘yes’ when asked if you already have an account
4. Select manual configuration from the options
5. Choose ‘SIP Account’
6. The following information has been supplied to you
a. Account Name
b. Domain
c. Username
d. Password
e. Caller ID
7. Scroll down to ‘network settings’ and change ‘Transports’ from UDP to TLS
8. Select yes when asked if you want to enable rport – signalling option
9. Scroll down to ‘Encryption’. Enable ‘SDES negotiation and select ‘Save’
10. Scroll back up and press register at the top of your screen. If you get a configuration error, select ‘proceed anyway’