What is Connect?
How do I change phone and broadband provider?
What equipment do I get when I buy Connect?
Do you provide IT managed services?
What is a master socket?
What is a micro filter and why do I need one?
What is a Wireless Access Point?
Where does my broadband cable (DSL) go?
How do I access my voicemail?
How do I set up call forwards?
How do I change my hold music?
How do I obtain my call recordings?
How do I change my voicemail greeting?
Router troubleshooting
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What do the lights on my router mean?

“We were looking for a new system for acombination of many reasons. Cost is a primary factor, but more importantly for us is the constant provision of service (phones and internet), as well as customer service and support. We only had one line coming into the office, so it was a constant battle to get ‘phone time’. It was also difficult for staff and clients to call into us as the line was always engaged.


I have been aware of Aerial Direct for a while, the old offices are quite close to where we are based. Connect has been brilliant, from initial conversations with the team through to delivery. Their product gives us the ability to record calls and log who is calling. This is extremely important for us. We also love the keevio software as it is very useful to us.


As much as cost is important for us as a business having Connect allows us to provide the best quality service to both our staff and clients, which to us is worth more than any savings. I have had no issues with Connect, so in my opinion, nothing couldbe improved. The cost and level of service from both your support teams is exactly what we at Vespasian Security were looking for.”

Simon Hodge – Director  – Vespasian Security

Connect is a highly intelligent hosted communication solution that will empower your business to work smarter and faster. Connect’s sophisticated features will drive efficiency, productivity and collaboration throughout your business ensuring all calls are high quality, secure and reliable, keeping your business seamlessly connected.

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